Celebrate the Summer season with these fun art and craft project ideas for kids of all ages. Check out these adorably easy activities for kids to make using simple materials found around the house. From outdoor artwork to homemade backyard decorations, enjoy the beauty of the season with these awesome kids crafts. 


Nature Suncatchers 

Gather a few natural “treasures” and turn them into a beautiful suncatcher that will make the perfect addition to your backyard.  


Ice Cube Painting

This perfect summer painting experience lets kids create beautiful masterpieces using frozen cubes of paint. 


Easy Tie-Dye Shirts

This easy and awesome guide will help your family create bright and beautiful tie-dye shirts. 


Bubble Painting

Bubble painting combines blowing bubbles and paint and requires just a few simple supplies to create beautiful, frame-worthy pieces of art. 




Rock Garden Caterpillar

This adorable caterpillar is an easy rock painting idea for kids and is a fun way to personalize your family’s garden or backyard. 


Handprint Rainbow Art

Let kids get a little messy with this hands-on painting activity. Best of all, it makes the perfect memorabilia to forever capture those cute little handprints. 


Raindrop Suncatchers

Learn how to make suncatchers with this fun, fine motor raindrop art activity that kids will love creating and parents will be proud to display around the house. 



Homemade Bird Feeder

Create one of these beautiful, kid-friendly bird feeders that makes a fun way for kids to birdwatch right from the comfort of their own backyard. 


Wind Chimes for Kids

Children will love creating their very own colorful windchime out of simple, easy to find craft materials. 


DIY Kites for Kids

All of these cute, crafty kites are kid-friendly and can be made on a budget. 




Photo credit: I Can Teach My Child



Ashley Porter is a Chicago native who now calls Birmingham home. Ashley and her husband Mike and son Jake love attending local festivals, exploring Detroit’s diverse food scene, and venturing outside of Metro Detroit to enjoy the natural beauty of Michigan. With a background in Early Childhood Education, Ashley loves connecting with and supporting families in her community, which is why she is so excited to be a part of LittleGuide Detroit.