Every week we ask our #MomLife features for their Mom Must-Have. Here are some top choices to try and a giveaway!

Most of our #MomLife features include help on their must-have. Whether it’s a sitter, housekeeper, or girl friends to help make life a little easier. We want LittleGuide to make life easier too by giving you more time to enjoy fun activities with your family and less time looking for them.

We know how a trip to Starbucks (coffee or hot chocolate) can brighten our days, hopefully it can brighten yours. Enter to win a $50 gift card to Starbucks for you AND someone in your village from LittleGuide Detroit.

Jean Jacket

Hands down a jean jacket. You can dress it up or dress it down. It’s stylish, comfortable and a wardrobe must have. It’s just one of those things that all moms need in their closet. I may or may not have an abundance of jean jackets. – Beth


I would be lost without podcasts. They make me feel sane on my craziest parenting days. Some of my favorites are The Homeschool SistersThis American Life, and (to listen to with the kids) Brains On!. – Lauren

A Goal Setting Planner 

One thing that helps make parenting a little easier for me that I rely on now more than ever is my goal setting planner! Working from home, raising kids, running a business, and staying pretty active in the community I’ve really had to learn over the years how to prioritize. Writing down everything and setting my goals daily and checking them off as I go keeps me organized and going. I’m also super intentional about carving out “me time.” – Ebony

Your Mom Must Have: Backpack

My go-to must-have is a stylish backpack. This can double as a purse to hold your personal items but also as a bag for the kids for snacks, extra clothes, and mostly masks! – Karina

I purchased Miss Fong Diaper Backpack off Amazon at a very reasonable price and the quality is impeccable. It’s a camel-colored leather backpack/tote with insulated pockets, a wipes pocket, and several outer pockets as well. It also contains stroller straps, which definitely come in handy! – Rachel

Essential Oils

Since my oldest was a baby, she had chronic ear infections, upset tummy, rashes, and didn’t sleep much. The oils worked so fast, smelled so good, and I have them in every room of the house for a hundred different remedies. My go-to is Doterra. – Brooklyn

AKT (Royal Oak)

AKT allows me to have “Me Time” and to recharge my mind to be the best mom I can be. It’s a great community of strong women with energy that’s so contagious!!! – Michelle

Gathre Mats

We love our Gathre mats! I had a small version when my second son was born, and as he started getting older, I invested in a bigger version, and we use it SO much. It’s a mat that you can lay down anywhere and is so easy to wipe clean when the kids make messes! We use it with playdoh, sensory bins, at the beach, and for picnics! –  Rachel


I’m a working mom; which means waking up as early as 5:00 a.m. or 5:30 a.m. some days to throw dinner in the crock and head out the door. It’s so nice to come home after a long day with dinner ready! That means more time to spend with my family instead of stressing about what to eat and cook. – Kat

Baby Food Subscriptions

There are so many baby items out there that are useful for a little while depending on what phase of babyhood you’re currently in, but the one thing that’s helped me a lot is utilizing the fresh baby food subscriptions like Little Spoon and Yumi.  I like these two subscriptions because they’re flexible, and as your baby grows they also offer baby-led weaning meals and finger foods for toddlers. I can rest easy knowing that Penelope is getting the best quality, organic food in her early years and it takes the pressure and prep off of me.