Birthdays are a big deal for little kids. They countdown the days and can’t wait to celebrate. Make it a day they’ll never forget and plan an awesome party at home or on the town.


Have It At Home

Don’t worry about leaving the house, the party can come to you! 

  • Add another name to the guest list – from princess to super hero, Star Wars and Super Mario, Laurel’s Princess Parties can make your littles dreams come true
  • Most days your house feels like a zoo so why not make it official with the Exotic Zoo with cute and cuddly animals to slithering creatures with scales, the Exotic Zoo brings it to you!
  • No need to worry about kids bouncing around the house, instead they can jump in a bounce house and play with lawn games from Five Little Monkeys they have vintage arcade games too! Check out Totcercise and rent a mobile soft play gym for the early years!
  • Make it a movie night! Rent a big screen, popcorn machine and party under the stars with 313 Mobile Movie Night.
  • Get creative and bring the fun to you with Little Tinks Paint a kid’s mobile painting service.
  • Chemical reaction experiments, rocket launches, cotton candy making, and more – Mad Science of Detroit makes for a super cool birthday celebration.
  • Let them stay up late and have a super special sleepover with a setup from Dreamland Parties.
  • Bring the party to you with Pop Rock Progeny, a mobile event tiny house with karaoke, gaming, painting and glow and the dark fun.


Plan An Animal Party

Include some special guests to help make it a happy birthday 


Try Something New 

It’s not easy watching our kids grow up but with each year comes new experiences and here are some for the big day. 

  • For the athlete who can’t wait to drive, WhirlyBall is the place to party.  A combination of basketball, hockey and Jai-Alai played while riding a bumper car.
  • Practice Parkour at Phoenix Freerunning Academy.
  • We’ve all at least been to a bowling party as a kid, now your kids can have a fowling (football/bowling) party at the Fowling Warehouse.
  • Horse lovers will love the chance to ride ponies with friends at Maybury Riding Stables.
  • Capture this age and all the smiling faces at the Selfie Shop in Madison Heights.
  • Take the birthday celebration to new heights and try the zip lines at TreeRunner Adventure Park or Troy Gym 


Big Kid Moves 

They’re not so little anymore, let them test their strengthen and skills at these these adventure zones. 


Make A Splash 

Put on your birthday SWIM suit and have a water party anytime of the year.


Indoor Play 

When you can’t play outside but want to get out the house here are some indoor ideas.


Low-Key Fun 

Pick up a pizza, bring balloons and invite friends and family to meet up at one of these cool local playgrounds.


Photo credit: Facebook