We all love maple syrup for our pancakes, but have you ever wondered how and where we get our favorite breakfast condiment?! With sap flowing between mid-February and March, the perfect ‘tapping’ times are upon us!  Help tap the trees this winter and stock up on maple syrup for home.

Maple’s Sweet Story @ Kensington Metropark (Milford)

February + March

Take a guided walk through the farm’s Sugar Bush. Learn how to pick the right maple tree, then watch how maple trees are tapped and sap is collected. Stop by the French and Native American camps to hear and see how these techniques have changed through the years. Then visit the Sugar Shack to see and smell the sap being boiled down into maple sugar. Real maple sugar products will be available for purchase. Tours begin every half hour, last approximately one hour. Participants will walk approximately a ¼ mile over uneven ground. Cost: $3 per child 3 and older; $5 per adult

Kensington also offers classes for homeschool families. Learn more here.

Maple Sweetness @ Wolcott Mill Metropark (Ray)

February + March

It’s that time of year again, maple syrup season! Come join us as we take you on a guided tour while you learn about a crop rich in history and flavor. Participants will walk about a half mile over uneven ground to our woods to learn how to identify and tap maple trees. You will visit the wood-fired evaporator and discover how to turn sap into the sweet treat we all know and love, syrup! Maple items will be available for purchase. Tours begin every half hour and run approximately one hour. Cost: $3 per child 3 and older; $5 per adult

Maplefest @ MSU Tollgate Farm Children’s Garden (Novi)

March 5 + 6

Enjoy a wagon ride out to the Sugar Bush. Munch on sweet maple-themed treats and sip a hot beverage from our concession stand. Learn how to identify a maple tree. Tap a tree. See where the magic happens in our Sugar Shack. And so much more! Sign up for an hourly timeslots from 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Making Maple Syrup Tour @ Maybury Farm (Northville)

Saturdays and Sundays in March 

This engaging tour begins with a wagon ride to the forested area of Maybury Farm. There you will walk into the sugar bush where you’ll learn the amazing way sugar maple trees produce sap, why sap flows, how to tap and collect sap from the tree. The wagon will then take you to the Sugar Shack where you’ll learn how the sap becomes delicious maple syrup by watching the process in action! You’ll even get to try a sample of the finished product! Cost: $10 per person, children 2 and under are free

Journey to the Sugarbash @ Hudson Mills Metropark (Dexter)

Saturdays and Sundays in March 

Take a journey across a field to the Sugar Bush and experience how maple syrup has been made over the years. Learn how to tap a tree, and then visit the evaporator to see the sap being boiled into syrup. There is no better way to finish out the cold days of winter and get ready for spring. This program takes place off trail, walking through an unlevel field. Destinations close to the paved paths can be selected if needed. This program is predominantly outdoors, portions of the program may be held inside dependent on weather. Read-to-eat meal kits available for $6 per kit. Cost: $3 per child 3 and older; $5 per adult

Maple Sugaring @ Stony Creek Metropark (Shelby Township)

Saturdays in March 

March is maple sugaring month! Learn the history of sugaring and how to identify maple trees. We will hike into the spring woods to tap a maple. Afterwards, return to the campfire and learn the process of boiling sap into rich maple syrup.
Cost: $5 per person, children 2 and under are free

Maple Syrup Time @ Stage Nature Center (Troy)

Saturdays in March 

Take a guided hike through the sugar bush of the Stage Nature Center! Discover how maple trees make sugar and people through the ages have harvested it. This outdoor, interactive program highlights natural and local history of our region. Learn how people processed maple sugar in the past and see similarities in the collecting, boiling and drawing off maple syrup today. Cost: $10 per adult, $7 per child ages 4-12 

Maple Sugaring Through the Ages @ Oakwoods Metropark (New Boston)

Saturday, March 5 

Come see the methods used to collect maple sap and learn how the maple tree helped sustain early Americans. We will begin indoors learning about the history of maple sugaring before heading outside to visit three sugaring “camps.” While visiting these camps we will discover how maple sugaring has changed, and in many ways stayed the same, throughout history. Cost: $3 per child 3 and older; $5 per adult

Maple Sugaring In Your Backyard @ Heritage Park (Farmington Hills)

Sundays in March

Celebrate Spring! Discover the basics of making maple syrup from your own Maple tree. Learn to identify and select a maple tree. Witness the ancient process of collecting the sap, then boiling it down to syrup around a cozy campfire. We will finish with a PURE maple syrup treat! Michigan maple syrup products & sugaring supplies will be exclusively available to participants for purchase. Cost: $7 per person, children 2 and under are free

Photo credit: Facebook