With the holidays past us and a New Year upon us (hello, new decade!)  things may be starting to slow down a little bit.  Like many people, this time of the year I like to come up with a new year’s resolution. Although a resolution can be started at any time, there’s something about creating them at the beginning of the year.  Whether your resolution is to spend less time on the phone, (guilty!) or have more self-care (also guilty), it’s important to make sure that these resolutions are realistic, achievable and meaningful.


This month, I plan to start to make my life a bit easier by making dinners ahead of time and freezing them. Although I don’t plan on having freeze-ahead meals every night, it’s nice to know that they’re available if I need them. With a little bit of planning a prepping, tackling this task doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are some recipes (from my favorite sites), tips, and tricks to make frozen meals fun and avoid the feeling of going into the unknown, into the unknown, into the unknown – does anyone else love that Frozen 2 song as much as I do?


Plan the meals

If you’re a newbie like me, I recommend starting small. Begin by deciding what 5 meals to make.Check out the links below and see what works for you.  Here are some helpful website for some great recipes:


Keep in mind that if there’s a recipe you like, but doesn’t fit your families needs, you can always make substitutions. From changing the type of cheese, or making it vegetarian, making it fit for your family is what matters most.


Time it

After you decide the meals, set aside a time to make the meals.  Whether it’s the weekend, or when the kids are asleep, planning out the time and making sure there’s freezer space, is a key part of ensuring you’re successful at making meals ahead of time.


Make a list

Once you’ve decided when you’re going to make the food, make a list of all of the ingredients you need. After listing out the items by recipe, see what foods (if any) overlap as this will help you from buying more than you need.




About Emily Price

Emily Price is a registered dietitian who recently moved back to metro Detroit after living in New York City for 10 years. She is so happy to bring her East Coast hubby and two daughters, Phoebe and Josie, to her hometown of Huntington Woods and looks forward to exploring all the great things Michigan has to offer.  Emily likes to spend time with her family, break a sweat at a Zumba class, and enjoy a glass of Cabernet.