If a change of scenery and location is what you’re family is looking for – but not too far away – we suggest making a day trip to Highland, Michigan for libraries, parks, and animal fun!

Highland is a cute little town by Milford, Hartland, and White Lake. It’s the perfect place for a quick stop.

Highland Township Public Library

Rachel's Photo
Walkway to the Children’s section at the Highland Township Public Library

The Highland Township Public Library offers storytimes, teen events, and craft events you can find the calendar and register for them here. They have a entire floor dedicated to the kids. Wind tunnels, nature walkways, tons of toys and a dedicated kid playroom. Catch their story walk trail April-November! They update the books monthly and the trail has quite a lovely view of Downy Lake. The Highland Library also shares a parking lot with Chill at the Mill. Highlands newest park that is currently being built!

Colasanti’s Market

Feeding the ducks at Colasanti’s Market

For only .25 you can feed, guineas, turkeys, peacocks, chickens, ducks and geese. Walk down to the pond and enjoy the birds company. They love to show off for food. Once your done feeding the birds, head inside for a awesome shopping experience. Beautiful murals, monkey’s hanging from the ceiling, and the cutest train that goes around the store. Train not moving? Be sure to hit the button by the butcher counter to activate it! While the kids are distracted you can enjoy a full deli and tons of unique Michigan products. Before you leave make sure you check out the greenhouse! Even more feathered friends will be excited to meet you. Macaws, Amazon Parrots, and Cockatoos’ love to say hello and will even mimic you.

Duck Lake Pines Park and Trails

Rachel's Photo
Paved trail walk at Duck Lake Pines Park

The trail entrance is located behind the play structure. This paved path is perfect for those who want to walk but need to bring a stroller along. There are multiple places to stop on a bench, rest, and take in the scenery. Plus, tons of wildlife! While we were there, we saw hawks, a rabbit and a deer! Perfect for explorers of any age.The trail has different options so you can make your walk as long or as short as you need. Be sure to check out the trail map at the beginning of the trail before heading in. After your walk play on the play structure, bring a basketball, or tennis ball and play a game! They have two courts of each and a hockey rink!