IMoms get it down and Michigan State University is ready to support moms who have busy lives but are ready to get back into the classroom. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, here’s why you should check out the Broad Executive MBA at Michigan State University.


Local mom of 3, Rachel Gonzales, sat down with Kerry and Carrie for LittleGuide LIVE in March to talk about Michigan State University’s Broad College Executive MBA Program. The 20 month experience was a life changing one that allowed her expand her professional experience, travel the world, and welcome a new baby into her family. It sounds overwhelming (and perhaps was at times), it was made easier by the support of faculty and fellow students at Broad College. The Executive MBA program is designed for busy schedules and full-lives and that’s why it’s the perfect place for Moms.


If you’re considering furthering your education, here are a few reasons you should check out the Broad Executive MBA at Michigan State University.


Life Happens

We plan with the best of intentions but then life happens. Rachel started the program thinking it was the right time and a couple months in she learned she was pregnant. It wasn’t what she planned but it still worked out! She was even able to do the study abroad component of the program.  No one can predict the future so if you feel like continuing your education is the right decision, check out a preview session to learn more and dive in.


It Takes A Team

The Broad Executive MBA program attracts students from across the Midwest, from different fields and industries. It’s a great opportunity to build your network, learn new things and showcase your skills. During the program you’ll be working with the same set of people who become part of your team. You rely on other strengths, grow in your own and support each other when life happens. 


MSU Makes It Easy

The 20 month Executive MBA program is convenient and predictable with locations in Troy and East Lansing to fit your schedule. Meet in-person every other week and have all of your course materials, meals and housing provided so you can focus on yourself and the task at hand without additional stress or distractions.


Ready to learn more? Explore how a weekend investment can turn into lifelong returns here or register for a FREE information session.