We want to have fun with our kids, but we also want to keep them safe and healthy. Local mom and entrepreneur, Kate Maglothin, runs Maglothin Well & Water Treatment with her husband and is sharing how to make sure the water in your home is safe for your family.


As new moms we can often become inundated and overwhelmed by what is considered “best” for our babies. Everything from cribs, car seats, formula, nursing bras and pumps, etc. But one of the biggest areas that tends to get overlooked is the quality of water that we ingest and use daily in our homes. Good quality water is a necessity for a healthy life, and it extends beyond what we drink. If you have a well system at home, here are some things you should know:


  • You should have your water tested when purchasing or building a home and then also if there is any change to the ground or surrounding area. Also, if there is an odor or change in the taste or consistency of your water, than definitely get it tested.
  • You probably need water treatment. This includes installing and replacing water softeners, reverse osmosis, and iron filtration systems. Most softeners require you to add salt every thirty days and a filter to be changed out every 90 days.
  • Michigan has some of the “hardest” water and that can result in hair breakage, appliance deterioration and other issues. This is another reason you want to make sure you’re monitoring the quality of your water.


Water is essential and it impacts your child’s wellness. From breakfast to bath time, your children are exposed to the water in your house. My husband and I own Maglothin Well & Water Treatment LLC and do free in-home water testing and free consultations. If you have a well system at home, give me a call at 248.974.4026. I can answer your questions and schedule a time for Glen and I to do a free test and inspection.


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About Kate Maglothin

Kate and her husband Glen have 5 kids are co-own Maglothin Well & Water Treatment LLC,  a small family-owned business serving the tri-county area.