We’re living in a unique time. The Black Lives Matters movement has captured the attention of the world and it is motivating people to think about issues regarding race in a new way.


As a parent it can be challenging to know how or when to talk to your kids about difficult issues. Friday, June 19th is Juneteenth, a day that commemorates the last group of American slaves learning they were free in 1865. The holiday is the perfect opportunity to celebrate freedom in America and discuss the nation’s history and present with your family.


Learn About Juneteenth 

Expand your home library and buy (or borrow from your local library) books about Juneteenth. Support black owned bookstore and shop at Detroit Book City (Southfield), Sources (Detroit) or Black Stone (Ypsilanti).


Support Black Owned Business

For generations black families were forced to work for no compensation and were unable to establish generational wealth. When you  shop at black-owned businesses you are not only supporting the individual entrepreneur but their family and community. Order out on Friday night and get dinner from someplace new – and what’s a party without dessert? We’ll be getting pie from Sweet Potato Sensations.


Demonstrate Your Support

There have been many peaceful marches in cities across metro Detroit in recent weeks and the City of Ann Arbor has organized a Juneteenth Walk for Racial Justice at Fuller Park on Saturday, June 20th. If you’re more comfortable staying close to home, join our friends at Detroit Mom and chalk your sidewalk or decorate your window in support of Black Lives Matter.


Race is not an easy topic to discuss in America. If you are looking for resources to help start the conversation with your family or just yourself, here are some valuable books and online resources.


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