It’s hard to keep healthy habits after kids. There’s limited time between tantrums, homework and household chores. Limited funds with hockey, dance and party gifts. Not to mention limited energy. We can’t do much about the latter but perhaps you’ll find a boost of endorphins from these easy, short fitness routines you can do with your kids for free and at your convenience.


YouTube offers hundreds of yoga videos for all levels and ages. Whether it’s silly fun for a toddler, relaxation exercise for kids or quality time with pre-teens. Yoga is great way to relax muscles and mind.


School tracks are a great way to enjoy fresh air and get in a workout without worrying about your kids. Most are gated so no one can run off during 200/400 meter sprints (it’s also extra motivation to push yourself). Let your kids be your cheerleaders, competitors or bystander. In the winter months take the sled with you and pull them across the field.


Grab a pack of cards and pick your workouts (jumping jacks, push-ups, planks, etc). Let your kids be your bootcamp trainer, calling out workouts and the number you have to do. They can join in on the challenge or relish in being the one in charge.


Turn on the radio  or set a play list on Spotify for a dance party. Get busy, have fun and don’t stop until you break a sweat.