Trick or treating isn’t the only thing to do for Halloween, here are some fun family traditions to start.


Neighborhood Light Show

Find FREE entertainment adults and kids will enjoy at a neighborhood light show. Both the Perrin and Bostick families have spooktacular entertainment for Halloween.

Scavenger Hunt

Team up with the various families throughout your neighborhood and have each family hide something in their front yard or windows for a fun scavenger hunt. If your neighborhood already has decorated houses use this free Halloween Scavenger Hunt printable on a nighttime walk.

Outdoor Movie Night

Pull out the blankets for sitting and screen and set up projector outside (or get creative and use your cellphone) for a movie night. Set up social distancing squares and invite friends and family to join you. 

Boo Your Friends + Family

Remember the good ole’ days of ding dong ditching? Well, this is a friendlier version of that. Fill up a Halloween bucket of goodies – from candy to little trinkets – have your littles put it on your friend’s front porch, ring the door bell, and have them run back to watch the magic of their “Boo” – everyone will get a kick out of it!