Have you heard of Michigan Fields? If you follow us on social you have probably seen my posts. The new Detroit based delivery grocery service has made dinner around my house a lot easier and yummier. Here are all the reasons I love it, and why I think you will too.


Grocery shopping is not fun. Going to the store with kids was never fun but with COVID concerns, it’s even less so. To have a box of food delivered to my door makes life a lot easier.


I have never done Shipt or the Kroger service because I like to shop local as much as possible. All of the grocery items available from Michigan Fields are from local producers and farms – that includes meat!


I worry about where my food comes from, especially meat. Being able to find local meat – chicken, pork, beef, and fish – from Michigan farms without having to buy a whole cow to deep freeze is awesome! The food tastes better, it leaves a smaller carbon footprint and is only nominally more than what I normally pay at the store.


Cost. Yes, it’s a little more than the deals you at the big box grocers but I don’t mind at all because the extra money is supporting Michiganders and our local economy. After seeing empty shelves at the store, I feel more passionately than ever that we need to think about food security. I want to support farmers who produce food in Michigan because if they can’t afford to farm, who will? Instead of having to search individually for local producers to support, it’s at my fingertips with a click of a button.


Do you find yourself on sensory overload? There are so many decisions to make and when I’m pushing a cart through endless aisles of towering options I get overwhelmed. Even scrolling online for my curbside Target pick-up is overwhelming. Michigan Field’s selection meats my needs but it isn’t too much. It’s easy for me to order a handful of items and come up with meals for the entire week (see below).


Bonus: Michigan Fields features some of my favorite brands like Guernsey, Zingerman’s, Drought and Great Lakes Coffee. Instead of making an extra trip for a treat, it can be delivered to my door.


See why I love Michigan Fields and get $20 off your first order with the promo code LittleGuide at checkout.


My Order + Meals

  • Blueberries (Vandalia Gardens, Cassopolis)
  • Tart Cherries (Farm to Freezer, Detroit)
  • Tomatoes + Potatoes (Middle Branch Farm, Marion)
  • Mixed Greens (Garden Fort, South Lyon)
  • Guernsey Whole Milk + Heavy Cream (Northville)
  • Zingerman’s Sweet Cream Biscuits + Rustic Round (Ann Arbor)
  • Great Lakes Barbeque Chips (Traverse City)
  • Whole Chicken (Otto’s Farm, Middleville)
  • Bacon (Jake’s Country Meats, Cassopolis)
  • Hot Italian Sausage (Grazing Fields, Charlotte)
  • Great Lakes Nitro Cold Brew Can (Detroit)
  • Drought Green Juice (Detroit)


Zingerman Sweet Cream Biscuits + Fresh Fruit or Homemade Compote

The biscuits are good enough to eat plan with fresh blueberries on the side. Feeling ambitious? Heat up fruit and sugar in a pan for compote, whip cream with sugar for topping, and toast biscuit in the oven for a few minutes for a sweet treat.


Bacon Sandwich with Tomato Jam + chips

We made 5 hearty sandwiches with the bacon. I made a delicious tomato jam, used fresh greens and mayo on Zingerman’s bread.  Served with


Chicken + Broccoli Strata 

With the remaining Zingerman’s bread I made a strata. I used one chicken breast and two thighs for this recipe, I forgot to add the cheese I didn’t even notice.


Grilled Thai Chicken with Potatoes

I marinated the rest of the chicken for a grilled Thai recipe and served with diced potatoes and remaining greens.


Hot Italian Sausage Pasta

I used 3 sausage links for a basic pasta (noodles, jar sauce and cheese). The other two we grilled for dinner and let the boys have hot dog.


Photo credit: Facebook