Kids love to be silly and these sport fusions are funky and fun! So whether you are looking to shake up the weekend routine or find something different for a birthday party, here are some new games to try.


Frisbee + Golf = Disc Golf
Pick up some frisbees at the local sports store (or resale shop) and put on your walking shoes. This free activity offers an afternoon of fun as you toss a frisbee into the net.


Bubble Ball + Soccer = Knockerball
Strap on a BIG bubble suit and run around the field trying to kick the soccer ball into the net without getting knocked over by the other team (or someone on your own).

  • Knockerball – 38741 Ann Arbor Rd, Livonia, MI 48150


Soccer/Fútbol + Pool = Footpool 
Hop on the 12ft x 8ft table and kick the lead ball to your colors and be the first to get them all in the hole.

  • Gamers Gallery – 3901 Christopher St. Suite D-1, Detroit, MI 48211


Football + Bowling = Fowling
Get your arm


Bumper Cars +  Jai-Alai + Basketball = Whirlyball
Buckle up and get ready to multi-task. To win whirlyball you have to drive around the court, catch the ball and swing it into the net!


Photo credit: Facebook