We know it’s not easy to find time to work out and it’s probably the last thing you want to do, but maybe if it doesn’t seem like a workout or if you’re with a group of other moms, we can help make it a little less painful and a lot more fun! Here are some fun local classes you’ll want to check out.


Paddle Boarding

Clear your head and get out on the lake. Stand up Paddle Boarding may not sound like a workout…but it is…and that’s the best part


Walk It Out

Moms on the Move gets together every Wednesday for a two mile walk around town. Pack up the stroller and bring the kids for this family friendly workout.


Stroller Workout

Spend your Sunday mornings with other moms and put your strollers to use as your new workout buddy!



Get out of your comfort zone and have some fun! Learn new moves that tone your abs, arms and legs when you shake it for a belly dance.


Zumba + Motown Ballroom 

Get in to the groove and bust out the dance moves! Zumba incorporates a variety of music from all over the world and, before you know it, you will be a pro at Cumbia, Irish Jig and Salsa. Motown Ballroom is Detroit’s signature style that gets you on the floor at any social event.



Take a deep breath and remember – you’ve got this. Whether you’re getting ready to welcome your new babe, looking for an activity to do with your little one or need to recenter to be your best self, yoga is a great way to do it.


Content provided by West Bloomfield Parks

West Bloomfield Parks’ encourage people to stay active is through its group fitness classes. Some of them are for people who are into traditional exercise; others are for people who like trying new workouts that will make the hour of class fly by. If you need a new way to workout check out the following classes: Intro to Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Bellydance – Belly Tone!, Zumba and Motown Ballroom.


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