Mother’s Day is quickly approaching (May 10!) so plan a special day at home with these easy ways + gift ideas to help mom relax, refresh, and unwind on her special day. And moms, don’t forget this day is all about pampering you- so for those of us who can’t rely on the hubby and kiddos to find the perfect gift, feel free to share this helpful “guide” with your family to help push them in the right direction.


Spa Day

Surprise mom with an at-home spa day. Set out mom’s favorite comfy outfit & slippers, light a few candles, and treat mom to one of these DIY home spa ideas that are easy enough for kids to do. 


Gift Ideas

Breakfast in Bed

Let mom sleep in and let her wake up to the smell of a delicious, homemade breakfast in bed. Both mom and kids will love these tasty easy to make breakfast recipes and of course don’t forget a freshly brewed hot cup of coffee or tea. 


Gift Ideas

At-Home Shopping Spree

Send mom on a shopping spree all from the comfort of your own home. Have kids help create a homemade “gift certificate” that mom can unwrap on Mother’s Day. Then invite her to kick her feet up and shop all while you treat her to one of these easy DIY foot treatments


Gift Ideas

Mom for a Day

Let mom veg around the house all day while the kiddos get to be “mom for a day.” I personally can’t think of a better way to spend Mother’s Day! Throw in a load of laundry, make a delicious dinner, clean something (anything!), or just head out for a walk while mom has some quiet time to herself in the house. Be thoughtful with how you spoil mom throughout the day and maybe, just maybe the kids will find a few ways they can continue to help around the house even after Mother’s Day is over. 


Gift Ideas

Schedule a Treatment for Mom

Give mom the gift of glam this Mother’s Day. Shop local and pick up a gift certificate from her favorite spa, hair, or nail salon. Most local businesses are selling gift cards online for treatments that can be scheduled for a later date. 


Gift Ideas

Picnic in the Park

Whether you plan a backyard picnic or walk to your favorite neighborhood park, spend the day outside with mom. Pack a picnic basket full of mom’s favorite tasty treats and have fun running around, reading books, or just kicking back relaxing. Don’t forget to stay safe and continue to follow your state’s social distancing guidelines. 


Gift Ideas




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