KABOOM! works with communities to build incredible, kid-designed playspaces. This year they’ll bring 7 new play spaces to cities in metro Detroit and we can’t wait to check them out.


Ann Arbor

Their project, Pat Byrd Playscape, will include a basketball court, colorful and educational stations (for math, geography, science and English), garden beds, a pavilion, climbing equipment and an outdoor screen for movies.



Park(ing) Places will feature modular design pieces that can be easily installed, moved and reinstalled alongside curbs throughout downtown Chelsea. The parklets are designed to sit flush to curbs and will feature interactive and playful opportunities for kids and families.



“REST. PLAY. RIDE.” will transform a bus stop into a playful oasis. The refurbished bus stop’s color, interactivity and playful options will create all-new opportunities for families and kids to play while waiting for the bus.


Madison Heights

The tranquility center will be a place for presentations, puppet shows and more. The space’s design team will also incorporate musical instruments, a small stage, a rainbow walking path, climbable rocks and a rotating art installation through a partnership with the Madison Heights Arts Board.



The Sharing Garden will focus on accessibility, functionality and fun for kids and families. Visitors will have an opportunity to grow their own food, learn about the arts and engage in musical play.


Mount Clemens

“Cascade in the Shade” will build a water-based play installation in a park area that is under-resourced and currently not in use. The design will draw on themes of imagination, innovation for the future and the convening force of water.



Opportunity Park will turn an 11.5 acre swath of land into a playspace with biking and walking paths, climbing structures, “natural” play components (such as fabricated tree stumps) and fitness equipment.



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