The days are long, so why not start with a great breakfast? With coffee in hand, here are our tried and true favorite breakfast recipes the entire family will love!



From toddlers to teens there are lots of ways to include kids in the kitchen. Not only does it teach them an important life skill, it creates great memories and delicious meals.

  • Start by reading the recipe aloud or asking them to read it.
  • Let them collect ingredients from the pantry and the fridge.
  • Have them help prep the ingredients – from scooping and pouring to cutting (there are toddler friendly knives). You can break down a task so little kids can feel included by dumping ingredients in a bowl or casually supervise bigger kids as they get it right.
  • Make extra work. When you have time – let them use a shape cutter on waffles or stick chocolate chips on pancakes to make funny faces. The little things to us are the  most fun for them.



Photo credit: Joy the Baker