The First FREE Friday has a regular spot on our calendar and now we can add FREE Third Thursday to the list! Cranbrook Institute of Science will not offer free admission on the third Thursday of each month.

Discover the wonder of the natural world and develop a better understanding of the ways in which science impacts our lives each day at Cranbrook Institute of Science. The museum features 16 permanent exhibits including:

  • Life Changes Over Time
  • Astronomy Gallery and Planetarium
  • Motion Gallery
  • Woodlands Den
  • The Story of Us

Cranbrook is the perfect place to take your dinosaur lovers. Outside of the building you can find multiple life-size dinosuar statues – most notably Steggy the Stegasaurous – and inside you can find a full-sized Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton cast!

Throughout the year you can also check out special changing exhibits. Currently Trilobite Treasures runs thru September 10th and presents these fine Paleozoic creatures in a way that tells a story of the prehistoric life in the ancient seas. The collection assembled over 35 years provides a unique snapshot of life in the ancient seas from 250 to 500 million years ago. Galileo arrives on October 1st and runs thru June 2nd.

The museum is open Wednesdays – Thrusdays from 10am to 5pm; Fridays 10am to 10pm; Saturdays 10am to 5pm and Sundays 12pm to 4pm. General admission is $13 for adults and $9.50 for kids ages 2 to 12. An Annual family membership is available for only $75.