Each day, join LittleGuide on a themed adventure full of activities, crafts, nature and games that will help you and your littles have fun at home. Spend the day getting stronger, smarter and kinder with your friends from Sesame Street.



  • Pick the letter of the day. Throughout the day point out items/words that start with it and ask your kids to come up with words too.
  • Practice kindness – ask your little to think of something nice to do for someone during the day. Let them know what your act of kindness will be.
  • Make your favorite Sesame Street character with construction paper and basic shapes.
  • Pick a number for the day and collect items of that number around your house (from pairs of shoes to dozens of play cars) – see how many you can find.
  • Take a walk on your street and look for shapes, signs and animals you find on Sesame Street.
  • Make a bedtime mobile to hang in your room






We know that times are hard and resources can be scarce. Please note that these activities are simply meant to be a guide to help you fill the day and inspire ideas that fit your family. Try all of the activities, just a couple, or simply watch a movie and cuddle on couch – whatever makes your family feel happy and safe during times of uncertainty is the best thing to do.


Photo credit: Facebook