The City of Detroit has 16 neighborhood Recreation Centers and several of them have or will receive significant interior and exterior upgrades as part of a $45 million investment plan.

Recreation Centers offer affordable activities, classes and meeting space in communities. Detroit has over a dozen community centers, many have received updates in recent years and those that haven’t are about to receive major updates that both Detroiters and and metro Detroiters will enjoy. Here are a few of the biggest projects planned for the year ahead.

  • Dexter-Elmhurst Rec Center // 11825 Dexter Ave, Detroit, MI 48206
    The currently vacant building will receive a $8.5 million investment and be fully renovated new recreation center to be opened in spring 2023.
  • Chandler Park // 5555 Conner St, Detroit, MI 48213
    A new indoor center and full-size dome covered football field is planned to open in summer 2023 and will be a $12 million investment.
  • Farwell Rec Center // 2711 Outer Dr E, Detroit, MI 48234
    A $4 million expansion to open in spring 2023 will include new gymnasium, lockers and walking path.
  • State Fair Band Shell // 910 Merrill Plaisance St, Detroit, MI 48203
    Historic amphitheater will be relocated to Palmer Park and construction is expected to begin this year.
  • Lenox Recreation Center // 115 Erskine, Detroit, MI 48201
    A Roger Penske donation of $5 million will be used to completely rebuild the abandoned recreation center in the Jefferson Chalmers Neighborhood.