Hold onto your hats and don’t blink an eye! Gordon Russ, magician to the world, and his Comedy Magic Show is coming to the Hartland Music Hall! Gather the kids, be there on Friday, Feb 9, 2024 and prepare to be amazed. The show starts at 2:00 pm, admission is Free, you must register with the Cromaine District Library.

Gordon and his trusty sidekick, George the Raccoon, have traveled the globe in search of smiles, laughs, and fun. But this time, instead of China, England, Israel, or Australia, Gordon is bringing his unique brand of illusion right to the Hartland Music Hall, located at 3619 Avon St., Hartland, MI.

A master at audience involvement, Gordon “invents” magic on the spot, using the most ordinary items imaginable. Couple this with a limitless array of tried-and-true tricks of the trade, and you have a performance that is second to none. “Magic is serious business, but the main idea is fun. I want everybody smiling and saying, ‘How’d he do that?’”, Gordon says.

Do not forget to make and bring a “PICK ME” sign to the show. When Gordon needs a volunteer, be sure to hold that sign and wave it around so he will know who really wants to help. At the Hartland Music Hall Gordon’s show will bring thrills and excitement to everybody there.

Come along with Gordon on his fantastic adventure and see magic the way it was meant to be–for the fun of it!

Register here

Cost: FREE

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