Join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday, March 16 at 10:15 a.m.

Our three Brown bears arrived to the Zoo as rescues from Yellowstone National Park and Kodiak Island. They are representatives of the challenges wildlife face in sharing a world with humans. This new, expanded exhibit, opens in March 2023 and includes 14,000 sq. ft. of exhibit space and can be viewed from both Tembo Trail and Tiger Terrace.

Featuring a 5,000-gallon pool for the bears to enjoy, this exhibit includes a 130 square-foot cave for them to nap in, complete with a viewing window for the public. Also built into the exhibit is a smelling log, which allows visitors to crawl inside and see the bears like they’ve never seen them before. It’s an exciting encounter that’s so close, they’ll be breathing the same air as the bears themselves!

A dedicated dig area for the bears is mirrored with a public sand box on the opposite side of the exhibit, providing the perfect opportunity for the bears and kids to dig and play “together.”

Cost: Adults (12-59) $29.00, Children (2-11) $26.00, Under 2 FREE

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