Mom & Baby Yoga is ideal to join once Momma is feeling healed and ready, up until Baby is actively crawling around visiting other mats.

Gentle request/permission to feed, change, and tend to baby in the yoga room we are practicing in as much as possible and desired. This is a safe space to practice getting out with baby- allowing them to behave as babies *do* without worrying about how it’s affecting others and, for some, practice breastfeeding in public for the first time. Your baby will not be the only baby who cries. Please keep coming to the class and your baby will get used to the voices and the room. Alternatively, your baby may sleep in a carrier the entire practice, too! That’s fine! This is for *you*, Momma. You matter. Your well-being is *so* important.

Cost: $18 for drop in $82.50 for semester

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