Join in the on the outdoor learning fun! Every Wednesday through June. Each week we will be going over a new topic.

Dress to be outside for the duration of our program rain or shine.

This program is offered two times. 10am-11:30am and again 1pm-2:30pm

For ages 7-12, all abilities.

April 12th, Shelter Building 101-Imagine if you were lost in the woods overnight, it was raining, and cold! What would you do? I would build a shelter! Join us as we learn different shelter building techniques, materials to use, and structures to build. Then we’ll hike to the back of For-Mar to build our own shelters!

April 19th, Earth Day Celebration!-On April 22, 1970 the first Earth Day was celebrated, and since then laws have been created to protect the environment! Join us as we celebrate Earth Day and the earth by protecting it in our own way, and making collages that represent all the ways we appreciate mother nature.

April 26th, Lorax Training Day-Come learn how you can protect the trees like the Lorax and celebration Arbor Day! Join us as we explore For-Mar’s very own Arboretum, learn to identify some of its lovely trees, and do other tree themed activities and games.

May 3rd, Native Americans and Nature-We can learn a lot from Native American culture and their deep respect for nature. For centuries they’ve been using nature in a sustainable way to survive and thrive! Join For-Mar Staff as we explore this connection through crafting, games, and digging a bit into their history.

May 10th, Fun Fungi!-Is it a plant? Is it an animal? It’s neither! It’s Fungi! Join us as we go on a fungi hunt to discover how many different types of mushrooms we have living here at For-Mar. We’ll attempt to sketch, dissect, and identify the different types of fungi we find.

May 17th, Nature Yoga and Mindfulness-Wear your comfy clothes because it’s time to enjoy the peacefulness of nature through mindfulness and yoga! We’ll stretch our bodies using fun yoga games and take a mindful walk-through nature using our five senses.

May 31st, Gardening-Last frost has come and gone so it’s time to get our hands dirty in the garden! Join us as we prep and plant our garden here at For-Mar!

June 7th, Mud Day!-The mud will wash off but the memories will last forever! Join us for one last fun Outdoor Explorers session before summer, as we get dirty in our mud pit and mud kitchen! You might want to bring a towel and a change of clothes for this day :)

Pre-registration is required the day before the program.

Cost: $5

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