We encourage students to reflect on the importance of art spaces and the communities they form while using an art space and forming their own community. They will receive a crash course on the histories of the Scarab Club and of zines as a medium for communication. This new knowledge and reflection will culminate in the creation of a zine that mirrors the ethos of the intended contemplation: art, literature, music, etc. can be a way to better connect to the world around us and understand each other. We will have guided prompts for each page that students will fulfill through various modes of expression: writing, drawing, or collage. These prompts will require the students to use their observation skills to document what they feel is unique to the building (e.g., the bird nests, fireplace, stained glass). In doing so, creating art from art. One of these prompts will require students (in small groups) to communicate with each other: the last prompt is to collaboratively design the ending page. By the end of the workshop, students will have created their own zines that they can distribute.

Cost: FREE

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