Join Us for STEM Day in Detroit!

Calling all young scientists, engineers, and future tech leaders!

What’s in Store?

  • Hands-On Science Projects: Dive into mind-boggling experiments and discover the magic of chemistry, physics, and more!
  • Engineering Challenges: Build bridges, design towers, and unleash your inner engineer.
  • Robotics Adventure: Code a robot and watch it come to life!
  • LEGO Extravaganza: Create epic structures with hundreds of LEGO bricks.
  • Prizes Galore: Win cool STEM kits, books, and other surprises.
  • Fuel Up: Enjoy tasty drinks, and snacks.
  • Free STEM Books: Take home knowledge-packed books to fuel your curiosity.

Why Attend?

Inspire Creativity: Ignite your passion for science and technology.

Meet Experts: Rub shoulders with real scientists and tech wizards.

Unleash Your Potential: Who knows? You might be the next Einstein or Ada Lovelace!

Cost: FREE

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