Why are some plants used for weaving baskets and mats and other plants aren’t? What vines and stems can you use growing nearby to make something beautiful and functional? How are some plants processed to make fibers? Plants from around the world are used in many different ways; some for food, some for beauty, and some for functional items like baskets, mats, and plates.
In this guided program, kids will learn that some plants are great for making baskets, mats, or other useful items and will learn to weave a basket and create a beautiful grapevine wreath to take home.
Families are encouraged to bring a decorative ribbon or other small items from home to weave into their craft project. Children will also have an opportunity to do a scavenger hunt to find plants in the conservatory that are used in weaving around the world.
Children are accompanied by an adult throughout the program, adults do not need to purchase admission if accompanying paid children.

Registration is required. Register here

Cost: $8.00 per child, MBGNA Family Tree members are free.

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