Looking for a shady park on a hot day? Head to Raintree Park in Troy.

Raintree Park is set further back into the woods. Features two play structures volleyball net, disc golf, seasonal bathrooms, pavilion, two swing sets, a paved walking trail, and a story walk. The large play structure has a swirling slide, as well as three other slides. Monkey bars, tons of ways to climb up and down. Perfect for a game of tag! This one has sand sand for ground cover so leave your opened toed shoes at home. It also has a spinning tic tac toe game! This structure was mostly shaded other than one small portion. The structure is located closer to the parking lot but, still within eyesight of the toddler structure. So, if you have more than one kiddo this park will be a good choice. There is also a small BMX pump course so bring your bike!

The second structure is more toddler sized. It has Astro turf so it’s much more crawler friendly. This structure features three slides, a tunnel, a picnic table underneath, steering wheels, a gear turner, and a zero-entry ramp so everyone can play. It is completely shaded.

The two swing sets are located closer to the toddler playscape. But, still within eyesight of both of them. There are both infant swings and regular swings.

Don’t feel like playing? There is also a paved walking/storybook trail. It is mostly shaded and takes you around the park and through the woods. The path is just short of a mile, and very stroller friendly. They change out the books monthly. See what book is featured each month here.

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Raintree Park // 3775 John R Rd, Troy