Make outside time more fun with outdoor activity BINGO. Let the kids pick the activities they like most to get 5 in a row. Click here to download a FREE  Bingo Sheet and find details for the fun and games below.


Animal Hunt
Pull out for binocular to look for birds, dig in the garden for bugs or keep an eye out for bunnies.


Leaf Art
Collect some leaves, sticks and acorns for craft time. From leaf animals to bark owls and nature sculptures there are plenty of ways to be creative.


Eat Outside
Pack your favorite snacks and find the perfect spot to sit for a picnic.


Stay up late and see the stars. The Google Sky app can help you find constellations and no phone is needed to track the moon cycle from new to full.


How crazy can you hop?


Draw with chalk
Draw pictures and pretty messages on the sidewalk and driveway for passersby to enjoy.


Build a bird feeder
Make it easier to spot birds by putting up a bird feeder in your backyard. Choose a creative design from toilet paper rolls, orange peels and more.


Create a obstacle course
Use chalk, chairs, hula hoops and whatever you’ve got for a wild race through the yard.


Plant a seed or flower
Start a garden or a potted plant.


Water table or bucket
Fill up the water table or bring out some buckets for a dunk contest with your favorite toys.


Frisbee golf
Take a trip to a local frisbee golf course or set up your own targets for a game in the backyard.


Ride bike or scooter
Put on your helmet and hit the road!


Look at clouds
Take out a blanket and look up at the sky – do you see a lion, an alien a cat doing a dance?


Draw your shadow
One person stands, one person draws the shadow outline on the ground – you can trace your toys too.


Play catch
Perfect your pitch and play some catch.


Build a fort
Bring out some sheets, gather fallen branches and build a sweet escape outside.


Blow bubbles
Blow bubbles from a bottle or make giant ones with a DIY Bubble Wand.


Garden Yoga
Practice yoga poses at home or sign up for a virtual yoga class with DownPup Yoga.


Fly a kite
Run around the backyard or a park to get your kite in the air. Don’t have a kite? Make one!


Dance party
Turn up the volume and have some fun dancing to your favorite songs in the backyard. Need a new playlist? Check out these ‘Rock’ Jams.


Backyard bowling
Put the soup cans, Pringles containers or pop bottles to good use and build your own bowling alley.


Rock hunt + hide
Paint some rocks and hide them in the backyard for siblings or parents to find.


Red light, green light
Play a timeless game of red light green light.


Take a walk
Stretch your legs and explore the neighborhood.


Photo credit: Stephanie Rausser