Have fun as a family and play Easter games at home. These easy DIY games can be made and played with items from home. 


Easter Egg Roll: A great indoor or outdoor game. Use a box, paint it to look like a bunny with the mouth open and in the center on the bottom. Then kids can either use it for putt-putt or putting eggs inside. Variations include using the ears for ring toss or elevating the bunny (closing the mouth slightly) and playing egg toss.


Easter Egg Memory: Grab a bag of plastic eggs and a mixed bag of candy. Put a piece of candy inside each egg, but only two pieces of the same type of candy. Lay them out and have players open two eggs at a time until all the candy has been matched. For smaller kids you can use egg halves and put a jelly bean underneath for a smaller board and easier pick up and replace.


Bunny Bean Bag Toss: DIY a bunny on a piece of cardboard (cut holes in the mouth in belly), then use bean bag carrots to feed the Easter bunny.


Poke A Hole Game: This project takes a little work but it’s lots of fun. With a board, paper cups and tissue paper create a cute Easter design and let the kids take turns poking holes in the cups to find a prize.


Bunny Hop Sack Race: Hop into a pillowcase and race in the backyard. You can also make it a seek and find game by having kids hop to egg/candy stations in the backyard to collect goodies.


Jelly Bean Pickup: All you need for this game is jelly beans, straws, and strong lungs! Have players suck up the beans through their straws, transferring them from the table to their bowl. They’ve got one minute to see who can pick up the most.


Egg Spoon Race: Put an egg on a spoon and compete against each other to see who can run/walk fastest to the finish line.


Plastic Cup Game: 3 items (plastic cup, plastic egg and string) bring hours of entertainment as kids try to get the egg in the cup.



Photo credit: Instagram @creatingcreatives