LEGOs can bring hours of entertainment to kids and cultivate interest in both art and engineering. Enter to win a $50 LEGO set and check out these fun activities to try at home with the kids.


Crack the Code with LEGOs 

Learn to code with Bits and Bricks a FREE online game from LEGO. Want to avoid screentime? Try this DIY Superhero Coding game you can play with paper and LEGOS.


Make a Marble Maze.

Test your creativity and your balance skills – make a marble maze or take it to the next level with a marble run.


Build Art

Create a mosaic, from animals to action heroes, find templates or make up your own. Build statues of your favorite animals and objects. Have a shadow box at home? Make a 3D flower bouquet to hang on the wall.


Ready, Set, Go!

Grab your Matchbox cars and get ready to race. Build a race track for your cars.


Capture The Moment

Organize your LEGOs in a pattern you like and design a photo frame or build one.


Make Your Own LEGO Movie

Write out a story board, build a set and create your own movie (record with your phone). If you want to try stop motion animation, here are some easy tips. You can also download the official LEGO Movie Maker app – it’s free!


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Photo credit: Facebook