If you follow us on social, you have seen how much I love Michigan Fields. The new Detroit based delivery grocery service has made mealtime at home so much easier – and now they offer bundle food boxes AND gift boxes! And to celebrate, we’re giving away one of their new 3-Dinner Bundle Boxes delivered straight to your door.


Life feels like a whirlwind these days and whenever we can take any item off our to-do list it feels like a massive victory. With Michigan Fields’ brand new box bundles you can order your family’s meals with a click of a button (and with the code LITTLEGUIDE you can get $20 off too!). Power up in the morning with a Smoothie Breakfast or French Toast Bundle, have pre-dinner snack items ready to grab and your meal plan done for the week or busy weekends with the 3-Dinner Bundle.


Not only are these new bundles great for you, they’re also amazing gift ideas for a friend who’s had a new baby (because who wants to cook or grocery shop after they’ve had a baby), a rough week or that little reminder that even though you don’t see each other as much as you like, you’re still thinking of them.


Michigan Fields’ 3-Dinner Bundle includes all the main ingredients you need for a quick, easy and MICHIGAN farm fresh meal.



Enter to win a Michigan Fields’s Three Meal Bundle from LittleGuide Detroit!



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