We all need a win these days and if finding something fast and healthy that your kids will actually eat is on your goal list, we have great news – Zee Zees is a LOCAL company making delicious snack foods that are good for your kids. Enter to win a box of Zee Zees‘ products for you and a friend and taste-test to find your favorites.


My boys are the pickiest eaters. I’m constantly buying anything and everything I find in hopes that maybe we can add a new item to the list of 10 foods they will try. It’s stressful and one more ‘problem’ to solve. When my oldest and most obstinate eater caught a glance at the Zee Zees bar in my purse he was immediately drawn to the monster on the package and eager to learn his name (which I did not know and made up). It might not sound like a big deal but when you have a child who will make a decision based on one glance, the fact he was interested was a victory in itself.


Lucas wanted to try the bar before we even made it to the park. He ate it up quickly and after running around the playground asked for more. Ever since, he’s been eating one Zee Zees a day, making up stories about his favorite monsters and giving me one less thing to worry about.


Whether its snack for on the go or additions to ‘Happy Meals’ at home (peanut butter sandwiches cut in to chunks), your kids will love Zee Zees kid-friendly flavors and cheerful packaging.


You’ll love it too! My husband and I didn’t even offer the kids honey roasted sunflower kernels because we didn’t want to share. Made with fresh ingredients it doesn’t have the processed taste that other grab and go snacks do and I shameless steal bites or finish off what’s left behind.


Zee Zees is made with whole grain ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup. It is also allergen-friendly and made in peanut and nut free facilities. There are vegan, gluten-free and soy-free options to meet the dietary needs of everyone in the family.


Find Zee Zees at Meijer, Kroger Walmart and Walgreens or order in bulk online from Amazon!

Try some snacks on us! Enter to win a box full of Zee Zees treat to be sent to you AND a friend! Follow Zee Zees on Instagram for an extra entry!



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