Michigan lakes, pools, water parks  and beaches are open for the season, and this means more swimmers and more congregants by open water.

A recent report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced that drowning deaths in the United States are rising for the first time in decades, especially among young children, where drowning remains the #1 cause of death for children ages 1-4. Survey data also show rates were highest in racial and ethnic minorities, and that over half of US adults have never taken a swimming lesson. The report concluded that everyone should have access to basic swimming and water safety skill training. Studies shown that enrolling a child in swim lessons can reduce their chance of drowning by up to 88%.

That’s why Goldfish Swim Schools of Metro Detroit have partnered on June 20 to be a host school for “The World’s Largest Swim Lesson,” to help give open access to their award-winning swim lessons and safety tips to Detroit area families.

The experts at Goldfish Swim School of Metro Detroit will show water safety demonstrations and share tips that every parent needs to know as we head into beach and pool season:

  • Swap Out Floaties & Puddle Jumpers for U.S. Coastguard-Approved Lifejackets
  • Seek out Bright Colored Swimwear
  • Enroll in high quality, regular swim lessons beginning at age one or earlier
  • Designate a Water Guardian
  • Ensure that there are layers of barriers to prevent kids from accessing pools or other bodies of water during non-swim times

Three basic water safety skills we teach at Goldfish — that parents can practice with their kids anytime they are in the water

There are several basic skills that the water safety experts at Goldfish Swim School work on with students every week. We encourage families to work on these skills anytime they are in the water together! (Students and instructors will be in the water demonstrating these skills)

  • Work on getting in and out of the pool safely. Fin, Fin, Belly, Flipper! This is a skill that kids continue to use to safely exit the pool — even when they are older!
  • Jump, Turn, Swim to the Wall! Let your child jump off the side of the pool, help them physically turn back to the wall and then assist them in getting out of the pool by using the Fin, Fin, Belly, Flipper method. Do this over and over again. This teaches kids to automatically turn back to the wall behind them to climb out. If a child were to fall into a pool, this skill could help them find the quickest way to safety.
  • Sea Otter Float. Work with your child on turning over and getting their faces out of the water to take a breath when he/she fatigues.

Free access to swim lessons in the Detroit area on Thursday, June 20!

Go to Goldfish Swim School on Thursday, June 20, for the World’s Largest Swimming Lesson at Goldfish West Bloomfield, Birmingham and Ann Arbor and FREE trial lessons at Goldfish Canton, Macomb, Rochester, Farmington Hills and Clarkston! Contact your preferred location for details.