Detroit’s FAVORITE Thanksgiving Day tradition is back for its 94th stroll down Woodward. Cuddle up on the couch and watch America’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on WDIV-Local 4 at 10am on Thursday, November 26th.


Bundling up and gathering downtown has long been one of our family’s favorite annual traditions but things are different this year. Instead, we’ll stay cozy at home and watch the parade on tv. Before and after, the long-standing tradition consider adding some of ours to your routine.


Bake Breakfast

Let the kids help you in the kitchen and bake one of our favorite breakfast recipes – from Creme Brulee French Toast to Cranberry Cream Cheese Breakfast Rolls, make sure you start your day with something sweet.


Put Up A Thankfulness Tree

If you have early risers, go for a morning walk and find a branch to put in a vase. Cut out leaves with construction paper, poke a hole to tie a string and write what you’re thankful for on each leaf. This is a family tradition we normally do in the month of November, inviting friends and family who visit to write a message to hang. The bare branch fills up quickly with notes from visitors to our home, this year – more than ever – its important to remember who and why we’re thankful.


Family Zoom

We Are One Together is the theme of this year’s parade, hop on a video call with family and experience the parade together while watching it on tv.


Lions v. Texans

It’s not Thanksgiving without some football. Shortly after the parade ends, the Detroit Lions kick-off at 12:30pm. Cheer Matt Stafford and the team on as they go ‘forward down the field’.


End your day on a high note. Each year my family and I put on our Christmas playlist and drive-thru the Wayne County Lightfest on Hines Drive. It’s the perfect transition to the next holiday because the boys fall asleep in the car on the ride home and I have time to put up the Christmas tree and decor to surprise them when they wake up the next day.



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