Laurie Hernandez and the 2016 Women’s Gymnastics team charmed the world in Rio. At 16, she took home gold with the team and silver for her performance on the balance beam. She also took home the Mirrorball Trophy on Dancing with  the Stars. It’s hard to imagine that level of success at a young age so we asked Laurie to share her tips for future gymnasts and their parents.


How did you  get started in gymnastics?
I started gymnastics when I was 5 years old after watching elite gymnasts on television. They looked so strong, elegant, and like they were having so much fun, so I asked my Mom if I could try gymnastics and she enrolled me right away. I absolutely loved it!


What advice do you have for kids looking to follow in your footsteps?
Set HUGE goals and then smaller ones that you can achieve each day or practice that will help you achieve your overall dream. No dream or goal is too big!


What advice do you have for parents who’s kids want to enter gymnastics?
I would tell them to be supportive and make sure they are always having fun!


What was the best part of being in the Olympics?
One of my favorite parts of being at the Olympic Games was meeting all the athletes from around the world. Everyone has trained so hard to get there and had so many amazing stories to tell.


What advice do you have for kids at their first (or big) competition?
Have fun!!!


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Photo credit: Facebook