Looking for a little adventure? Head to The Reptarium in Utica, Michigan and find exotic animals, reptiles, sloths, alligators and more that you can admire, touch and even hold!

Meet some of the world’s rarest reptiles – including a two-headed snake! Look and HOLD snakes like Burmese pythons, Reticulated pythons, Boa constrictors, Blood pythons, and many smaller snakes. Lizard lovers will go crazy for Night & Albino Nile Monitor Lizards, Asian Water Monitor Lizard, Monkey-tailed Skinks, Chameleons, & Geckos from all around the world. Add Albino and Melanistic baby alligators and Giant Aldabra tortoise and you can see why you need to make the trip. Not only are there reptiles but you can also meet a variety of arachnids, amphibians and SLOTHS!

The Reptarium is open to the public on weekends and admission is $10 per person. The zoo also offers private tours for groups up to 10 people. A private tour is $150 for 30 minutes or $300 for an hour.

The Reptarium

Address: 45559 Van Dyke Ave Utica, MI 48317

Hours: Friday & Saturday: 4pm­ – 9pm + Sunday: 3pm­ –  8pm

Photo credit: Facebook