Meet Amphy

Kids: Zyanna (17), Azmyreli (12), Niyareliz (4)

Hometown: Lincoln Park

I work for a non-profit organization where we offer an array of human services to the community I grew up in, it’s my way of giving back. My husband and I have three beautiful girls that very in ages. We have a 17 year old who is a not only a senior but is a dual enrolled student, a 12 year old middle schooler and a 4 year old preschooler, yes we have our hand full! I love to travel and always try to get a trip or two in every year. I love to admire architectural work on buildings and homes and of course tasting food!



Our favorite place to eat as a family is Primanti Bros located in Taylor. I like that the food is all freshly made, it does make it take a little longer for the food to come out, but well worth the wait! Best of all the kids actually eat all their food!  The kids love the fries (freshly cut), terror tots, pizza, flat  bread pizza, and boneless wings. The restaurant is located at our local mall so there is plenty of parking. We have been to Primanti’s at different times of the day on different days of the week and never had to wait in a line!



The girls mainly play in our backyard, and I love watching them. Since they have gaps between age groups it’s nice to see how they interact with each other. Niyareliz our youngest one goes from her swing set to the tree swing and off to the trampoline. The older girls enjoy the trampoline the most and when their friends are over they like to start a bon fire and make s’mores.



Believe it or not I like to go grocery shopping with the kids! Sometimes, yes, it can be quite challenging and that’s only because they want to stick absolutely everything in the shopping cart but for the most part they are pretty good! We go at least once a week sometimes more. I like watching them as they talk to themselves out loud whether it’s a healthy choice or not. Of course thats just the older girls, the little one tries to get everything she thinks looks good!



There are a few annual events we attend but I have to say that our favorite one is going to the Apple Orchard, Wiards. The kids not only have a blast but my husband and I enjoy ourselves with all the activities and of course the best part, cider and donuts!


A must have in your fridge is a drawer with things for them to freely grab and enjoy. Make it a mix of healthy and tasty things.