Meet Rashida

Kid(s): Adam (12) and Yousif (6)

Hometown: Detroit


I’m an attorney and social justice activist working at the Sugar Law Center. I served three terms in the Michigan Legislature representing the 12th district in Detroit. I grew up in the city, it’s my home. There are a lot of changes happening in Detroit and I want to make sure that it continues to feel like home to my family and my neighborhoods. My love for my sons, Adam and Yousif is demonstrated through the work I choose to do and the issues I take on.



My boys are pretty different.  Adam is a scientist and avid reader. Yousif likes to kick a ball around and be outdoors. The one thing they both agree on is visiting the Riverfront.  Adam is fascinated with how the temperature drops closer to the Detroit River and that he can see Canada.  Yousif loves how windy it is and starts to dance, it is actually beautiful to watch him be so free. The west side of the Riverfront is quiet and we can walk there from our home.  We love to go by Honeybee Market to grab their delicious homemade guacamole and chips, and ice cream cones from the Huron Room on our way there.



Green Dot Stables is walking distance to the West Riverfront and the boys love it. Adam gets the cheesy mac and cheese and Yousif wants the “fries with the green stuff” on it (truffles and herbs).  The small size servings are perfect and affordable for our family.  Wish they had coffee though!



In the summer, my boys really enjoy watching a movie at New Center Park. It’s a small park, across from the Fisher Building and it’s fun to be surrounded by big building in a green space.



My boys love music so we enjoy the annual Concert of Colors in Midtown. It’s free and there are different types of music, food and activities for kids of all ages.  Parking is usually free and close to the museums and Max Fisher Music Center.


“I am a busy mom and don’t make plans beforehand because I don’t like disappointing them.  Instead, I surprise them with last minute adventures and trips.  It always turns out to me so much more exciting for them.”