Jalyn Spencer-Harris and Alex Fluegel were both looking for a community of moms in Detroit when they found each other and decided to team up to create the Detroit Mama Hub. As a result, they opened a brick and mortar location on October 1st to provide a space for moms across metro Detroit to connect and find support.


When you walk into Detroit Mama Hub you’ll find babies of all ages and moms from all different backgrounds. Each mom has her own parenting style, but it’s a no judgement zone – from bottles to breast-feeding in the open – this friendly environment invites you to take a seat and find a new friend (both you and your kids).


After over a year of hosting pop-up events around town, co-founders Spencer-Harris and Fluegel have finally found a permanent home in Detroit. The location is strategically located off the Lodge between Outer Drive and Schaefer, close to popular Detroit neighborhoods and easy for suburbanites to find too. The space is designed to feel like home – bring the kids, take off your shoes and find a seat or toys to play with. First timers and regulars are immediately welcomed and conversation flows easily.


The collective offers weekly packages and annual membership that grants access to regularly scheduled classes, including a weekly playgroup, yoga classes, support groups and children classes. The Hub also hosts special events and is available to rent.


Visit them online or at their new location for more information on how to get involved!


Detroit Mama Hub
18032 James Couzens Fwy
Detroit, MI 48235