Honey in Ferndale is a sweet place for moms with littles.

Brooke Miller was inspired to create a community for moms after reading The Red Tent, a novel about women coming together during monthly cycles and child birth. She loved the support women were able to give and receive during times of need and decided to create a space where women would feel similarly supported. Although she briefly considered paying homage to the book when naming her business, a friend suggested she go with something warmer – her term of endearment for loved ones and strangers alike – Honey.

With a wide array of offerings for moms and moms-to-be, women can drop-in to use Honey services or become a member for a monthly fee. Like the community it serves, Honey continues to grow but here is an overview of some of its current offerings:

  • Co-working space with on-site childcare
  • Yoga classes
  • Family classes (sign language, movement + music)
  • Salon + acupuncture
  • New Mom Groups
  • Emotional wellness: “Moms of Tots” group and Grief + Motherhood
  • Professional development workshops

Moms can find time to work in the company of others while their child (or children) are cared for in the BusyBee playroom in the back. The quiet space allows women the freedom to tackle their to-do list and provides the opportunity to exchange ideas with other working moms. Being a parent is stressful – comfy couches, coffee and a lending library offer a welcoming space to sit and relax on days when you simply need to get out of the house.

To that end, Honey is more than a co-working space, it is a community. As a mom and a therapist, Brooke understands that women give a lot of themselves and must take time to manage their personal wellness in order to best care for loved ones. Expectant and new mothers can find support in private counseling sessions and weekly mom groups.

And when you really need to take care of yoursel, Honey also has a full-service salon, acupuncture and yoga classes (while watching your kids)!

Honey is located in Ferndale, south of 75 and a couple blocks east of the hub bub at Woodward and 9 Mile. Brooke wanted a space that was close to people but slightly removed from the hustle and bustle. It’s a delicate balance she was also able to achieve inside the co-working community space.

If you’re looking for a supportive community of moms, Honey is the place for you.

3136 Hilton Road
Ferndale, MI 48220

Photo credit: Facebook