LittleGuide Detroit has partnered with the new Blooming Brains Academy to share information about the new Montessori school located in the West Bloomfield and Keego Harbor area. Check out the featured content below:

Blooming Brains Academy, a Montessori school for students infant through 5th grade opens this fall. The founder of Blooming Brains Academy, Rajeshri Gandhi Bhatia, has a long history of making sure that our future leaders receive the education they need to achieve success. Rajeshri has established a solid reputation in the national and international educational communities and is in high demand as a thought leader, with more than 25 years of experience reforming educational organizations, leading and starting schools, coaching and developing staff, and teaching students at all grade levels.

Armed with degrees from Harvard, the University of Michigan and Detroit Country Day School, where she also taught and coached, Rajeshri has experienced a highly successful career in education. She has taught, founded and started schools and served in a variety of school leadership capacities in schools around the country. Highlights include teaching math to students of all ages, starting a school for immigrant and refugee children in Chicago, serving as the academic head for a prestigious high school in California, where she handled the academic and college application processes, and overseeing the academic performance for a portfolio of nearly 80 schools across the state of Michigan. She has led schools that serve kids from preschool through high school and also worked in higher education at Grand Valley State University. She founded School Smarts after moving back to Michigan and has been working with schools across the state as an educational consultant, building leaders, recruiting and supporting teachers, streamlining operations, and assisting other start up schools. She is frequently asked for advice on educational tactics, and Governor Gretchen Whitmer even asked her to serve the State of Michigan.

With the opening of her newest endeavor, Blooming Brains Academy, a Montessori school situated at the intersection of West Bloomfield and Keego Harbor, Rajeshri is bringing everything she has learned throughout her career to the kids and families of Metro Detroit. The renowned Montessori educational philosophy, which has been proven to support children in developing skills, leadership, and independence, will be applied at Blooming Brains Academy and serve students from infants through fifth grade.

Montessori education has served as an inspiration to many notable leaders who are at the pinnacle of their fields because it gives kids a head start on developing important leadership traits like decision-making and social interactions, as well as academic requirements like reading and math. Due to its focus on the individual learner and structure that provides increasing levels of challenge and independence, Montessori education has proven to be effective for many types of learners, especially those that show high potential and interest.

Blooming Brains Academy is committed to using the first months of a child’s life to help create a foundation for future success and capitalize on the natural curiosity that young learners demonstrate. Early childhood cognitive and social development lays the groundwork for a child’s future growth and provides the basis for lifelong learning. Rajeshri, a product of both Montessori and gifted education, is aware personally of the benefits of making an investment in children’s early years as a means toward future academic success and developing a love for learning.

“This school is really my greatest hits album,” shared Rajeshri. “I have seen and learned a great deal in my 25 years of working with some of the best schools in the world. I have observed how kids learn from early childhood through adulthood and what factors contribute to successful, well-rounded leaders. I envision students from the time they learn to stand in their crib to the day they walk across the stage at graduation. I want to make sure that every child has rich experiences that lead to a wide range of choices from which to choose their future path. Children need our support to develop their skills, talents, and leadership. I am creating a school that integrates the best elements of everything I have encountered while also putting the needs of families first.”

The importance of parents and families is one of Blooming Brains Academy’s key values. Blooming Brains Academy is aware that every successful child has committed and involved adults behind them. To that end, the school provides a variety of opportunities for family involvement and education, including frequent, professional communication regarding the progress of the students. The team puts a lot of effort into educating families on how to support children in all facets of life, covering everything from setting reliable routines to learning how to promote healthy eating habits as a support for learning and even recommendations for raising a socially aware child. The foundation of Blooming Brains Academy is to provide a comprehensive educational program for students and families. The experienced staff collaborates with families as parents navigate their children’s developmental stages. A strong and trusting relationship between the school and families is critical because learning doesn’t end at the school door.

You can provide your child the chance to learn in a setting that is designed to encourage exploration, challenge and independence. A school where students can delve deeper into areas of interest, while learning self-discipline and developing into tomorrow’s leaders. Give your child an advanced start by choosing Blooming Brains Academy. Visit to learn more about enrolling.