School, sports, work, cleaning, errands and all the other things! Life is BUSY and we’ll take all the wins. Choose Fit Nutrition is a BIG win! Healthy, prepared meals delivered directly to your door twice a week allow you to eat well without the prep or clean-up.

Choose Fit Nutrition has been a game changer. The locally owned and operated business perpares delicious, healthy meals that are delivered to your door step. Heat them up for two minutes in the microwave and enjoy! You’ll feel like you live in a hotel with a rotating menu that takes away the stress of deciding what to make for dinner but always giving you a good choice.

Dietary restrictions or personal preferences? No worries. Choose Fit Nutrition can personalize your plan.

Weekly meal deliveries 6 days of lunch and dinner delivered twice a week start at just $126 (cheaper than groceries these days). And with the LittleGuide Detroit code LGD15% you can save on your first order. If you

Choose Fit Nutrition has storefront locations in Dearborn, Southfield, Saline, Lincoln Park, Shelby Township, Clinton Township and Ypsilanti if you’d rather pick up your meals.

Choose Fit Nutrition is the real deal and perfect for busy parents. Remove the mental load of figuring out what to make, cooking more than one meal (one for the kids and one for the grown ups), trying to make healthy choices and everything in between. Choose Fit Nutrition takes care of it all for you and delivers it to your door!