The Michigan Science Center is hosting a FREE Community DAYS on July 20th & 21st.

It’s always a good time at the Michigan Science Center and even better when it’s FREE! Reserve your tickets for Community Days and enjoy over 220+ interactive exhibits, live demonstrations and special programming as part of the Concert of Colors Festival. In addition to regular exhibits, guests can also enjoy special activities and demonstrations:

  • Rainbow Paper project: Iridescence is abundant in nature and exemplifies its beauty. Guests will create their own iridescent piece and add it to a community art project, mimicking the feathers or scales of animals in the wild. 
  • Lava Lamps: Guests will explore the dangers of ocean acidification in this activity where pH will determine the color of a Lava Lamp.
  • Cartesian Divers: Rising sea levels affect pressure underwater and how sea life can survive in their environment as will be demonstrated in this Cartesian Divers activity.
  • Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin: To celebrate Concert of Colors, early learners will enjoy this neon sensory bin to explore the world of touch and light.
  • Build the Change: Put your imagination skills to the test in this LEGO brick building challenge focused on finding sustainable solutions to environmental issues. 
  • Greening of Detroit: “Let’s Build Tree Equity Together” – Only on July 21st – The Greening of Detroit station will include an interactive project where participants can create their own leaves to add to Detroit’s Tree Canopy.

During the Free Days the Michigan Science Center will be open from 12pm to 6pm. The museum is regularly open Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 4pm. Admission is $14 for kids ages 2 to 15 and $18 for guests 16+. The museum is a member of the Museums for All program and families can receive $3 admission for up to 4 people when you show your SNAP/EBT card.

Reserve your FREE tickets to Community Day here

Michigan Science Center // 5020 John R. Street, Detroit, MI 48202

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