Looking for inspiration + ideas for things to do with kids in Metro Detroit? Tried and true suggestions that real moms actually do? Here they are! We’re asking local Metro Detroit families to share their favorites, to help you find yours.


Are you following @mimosas.munchkins.muffintops on Instagram? Christina and Jennifer are the local duo behind Mimosas Munchkins & Muffintops, a fashion + lifestyle blog. As twins, physicians, co-workers, and best friends, they serve up awesome fashion inspiration, family, food, and fitness tips and ideas we know you’ll love! 


Meet Christina + Jennifer 

We’re Christina and Jennifer Rhee: twins, physicians, moms, and fashion lovers.  We grew up and still live in the metro Detroit area.  As we started to have children and advance in our careers, we got busy with work and kids, and we felt that we lost a lot of our hobbies.  We started a fashion/lifestyle Instagram page and blog Mimosas Munchkins & Muffintops as a way to reclaim part of our lives that we felt like we lost as our world got more hectic.  Follow along with us on Instagram @mimosas.munchkins.muffintops


Favorite Ways To Spend Family Time:

  • Hanging with our Cousins: At this age, the kids just love hanging out with their cousins.  We’re so fortunate that our kids have cousins that live right around the corner.  
  • Family Movie Night: Both of our kids love simple things like family movie nights! 
  • Trips to the Zoo or park. 


Favorite Places To Go:


Favorite Bedtime Stories:


Favorite Recipes:

  • Korean Beef Served Over Rice: It’s one of our families’ favorites, and we usually make it very quickly in an instant pot. (1 pack pre-chopped onions (keeping it simple), Baby carrots, Mushrooms (optional), 1 cup water, Korean barbecue marinade (found in the Asian section at the grocery store or on Amazon)
  • Our favorite dessert recipe is this White Chocolate Fruit Tart: It looks like it’s much more complicated to make than it is, and we always get so many compliments! 


Best Park/Playground: Maybury Farm/ Maybury State Park (Northville) 

It’s brand new and has so many cool features for the kids.


Best Family-Friendly Annual Event: Hallowe’en in Greenfield Village (Dearborn)

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays with the kids.  This event is so well done and so entertaining for the kids and adults.


Favorite Children’s TV Show: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (PBS)

We loved watching Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood.  We like this modern spin on an old classic show.


“Pat Yourself on the Back” Accomplishment: Advancing My Career, My Way

Jennifer: I’m proud of the fact that I’ve survived juggling being a mom, physician, and business owner of Ajeless Medical Spa in downtown Northville. 


Christina: I exclusively breastfed my twins for 1.5 years and managed to donate 7000 ounces of milk to the local Michigan milk bank.  My twins were born premature and received donor breast milk when they were in the ICU.  It was so nice to be able to return the favor!



About Ashley Hubbbard-Porter

Ashley Porter is a Chicago native who now calls Birmingham home. Ashley and her husband Mike and son Jake love attending local festivals, exploring Detroit’s diverse food scene, and venturing outside of Metro Detroit to enjoy the natural beauty of Michigan. With a background in Early Childhood Education, Ashley loves connecting with and supporting families in her community, which is why she is so excited to be a part of LittleGuide Detroit.