If you’re looking for a great place where EVERYONE can have fun – plan a trip to the all-inclusive Ella Mae Power Park in Novi.

Ella Mae Power Park is a fantastic universally accessible playground that offers exciting features for kids of all abilities. The playground has multiple structures, including a swing for wheelchairs, a hammock swings and a few sliding options. Kids who love to climb won’t be disappointed either as they’ll have to cross webs and scale climbers to get to twirling slides.

The playground is surrounded by baseball diamonds if you want to bring a ball and bat or if you want to watch a game. You’ll also find a short nature trail south of the park.

Afterwards stop by the Novi Public Library for storytime (and Starbucks coffee – its located INSIDE the library) or ice cream at Stuart’s down the street.

Ella Mae Power Park // 45175 West Ten Mile, Novi MI 48374

Accidents happen. If you child has a fall or bumps there head on the playground and you’re concerned they have suffered a concussion, take the Concussion Clinic of DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan’s Concussion Quiz and watch the video below for helpful tips.