Looking for something new to do? Head to the Flint Children’s Museum for a day of family fun. 

We love when you share your favorite finds with us! LittleGuide reader, Kristine, shared pictures and feedback from her visit:

The Flint Children’s museum has so many hands on exhibits your kids will love. My kid fell in love with the virtual reality sandbox and draw alive where your colored creation will displayed on an animated board. We spent 4 hours there and could have stayed longer. There is an outdoor space with many exhibits as well. From tots to the older ones, there is something for every kid to enjoy. Definitely worth the drive, pack the kids, pack a lunch and head out.

The Flint Children’s Museum has over 40 hands-on educational and fun exhibits that are great for ages 2 to 10. Each trip to the museum is a new experience with monthly themes, daily activities and events, and special guests! The Discovery Zone, is a rotating exhibit space that changes every three months, so check back to see what’s new. Permanent exhibits include: How Things Work, Our Town, Tot Spot, and Sproutside.

The museum is currently open from 10am to 4pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Parking is free with spaces available next to the museum and in the parking lot behind the Consumers Energy substation. Admission is $6 per person.

Flint Children’s Museum // 1602 W. University Ave., Flint, MI 48504

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