Finding early learning solutions for your littles is one of the most daunting challenges as a parent. As with most things, moms make it work. Our friend Lindsey Richards is an early education professional and mom. When she saw the increase in pressure and stress placed on the youngest learners, she decided to create her own open, creative learning environment.  Wild Child Playschool opens this fall in Grosse Pointe and here’s a quiz to find out if it’s right for you.


Each of us has a special way of connecting to the world around us. Take the Wild Child Playschool quiz to connect to the Wild Child within and discover unique modes of communication and learning.


Which of the following movies appeals to you most?

A) Loving Vincent – fully painted film about Vincent Van Gogh.

B) Spare Parts – true story of a high school robotics competition at MIT.

C) Love Jones – a love story between a poet and a photographer.

D) Life of Pi – a young man’s epic adventure at sea.


What would you love to do with a few hours of free time?

A) Express myself through a painting or drawing.

B) Tackle a house project using my hands.

C)  Cuddle up with a good book.

D) Check out a new museum or trail.


How do you burn off steam?

A) Play, create, or dance to some music.

B) Put my body and brain to use on some yard work.

C)  Pour my thoughts into a journal.

D) Get out and walk around town or a park.


Which career appeals to your nature?

A) Photographer.

B) Engineer.

C)  Editor.

D) Detective.


How do you tackle something unfamiliar?

A) Doodle or draw out a plan beforehand.

B) Build a model or work with my hands to think.

C)  Read up on some background info.

D) Go out and about for inspiration.


Mostly As: Wild Artist! Draw, paint, music, dance – you love using your creative brain to process, understand, and express. At Wild Child Playschool, children are free to create open-ended art with whatever materials inspire them, whether it’s paints and crayons, strings and sticks, or drums and maracas. Artistic activities stimulate both sides of the brain and are great for memory, attention and concentration!


Mostly Bs: Wild Creator! Build, construct, create – you make sense of things by using your hands and your brain to create, design and analyze. At Wild Child Playschool, the environment is rich with loose parts that children approach in countless creative ways – to build bridges or ramps, to represent people in pretend play, to recreate and test the strength of a spider web. Construction in preschool develops math and spatial concepts, motor skills, cooperation, and more!


Mostly Cs: Wild Literati! Read, write, tell stories – literature is your gateway to discovery and expression. At Wild Child Playschool, every activity includes the opportunity for children to read and write based on their interests and experiences. We can read books about seeds when we find ourselves interested in the emergence of plants and flowers in spring, or write an instruction manual after building ramps with tires and planks. The more children are exposed to a variety of words, the more their vocabularies and literacy skills expand, and they learn the love of reading!


Mostly Ds: Wild Explorer! New places, new experiences, out in nature – you seek information by getting out into the world, whether it’s an event, park, or your own neighborhood. At Wild Child Playschool, children have a variety of settings available to allow them to follow their curiosity. Whether it’s the tree tunnel outside, play kitchen in one classroom, or science experiment in another, the rich imagination of a child is given opportunity to stretch and expand and flourish. Free play allows children to use their imagination and strengthen character, communication, and social, cognitive and physical skills!


Wild Child is a play-based, child-led preschool that nourishes healthy, independent, empathetic thinkers. We are currently enrolling for our two-month summer option starting in June, and our full year option beginning in September. We are also accepting applicants for Lead Teacher and Assistant Teacher positions, part time or full time, summer or full year. Visit for all the details you need!


About Lindsey Richards

Lindsey Richards is the founder and owner of Wild Child Playschool. She is a Detroit native who hopped around various places before resettling into the city. She is passionate about early education, social justice, and her family, and loves running and yoga.