Detroit Public Schools Community District (DPSCD) students ARE back to in-person and face-to-face learning after classes were suspended in November, due to a rise of the COVID-19 infection rate in Detroit. Using science and data, the District committed to resuming classes for students and families who expressed in the quarterly survey, an in-person option was their preference


On Monday, March 8, 2021, students again returned to face-to-face classes, reuniting with their classmates and teachers after the second in-person suspension. “I like being back at school because it is way easier for me here than at home,” says Natalie Gonzalez, an eighth grader at DPSCD’s Academy of Americas school in southwest Detroit. “At home, I am at the table by myself and sometimes, I did not get my work done. At school, I get my work done and everything.”


The Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT) union president Terrence Martin and Dr. Nikolai Vitti, DPSCD Superintendent, visited multiple schools on March 8 to welcome back students, families, and staff.


Dr. Vitti says he hopes this is the last time students must miss school due to the pandemic. “I’m proud to say many of our teachers and students are back and it is the first step to bringing back this new normal in the pandemic. In the next couple of weeks and months, and as the year goes on, I anticipate more students coming back and more teachers returning to serve students,” says Dr. Vitti.



  • The District is safely reopening schools by maintaining social distancing in every building, providing and requiring masks for all staff and students, and cleaning and sanitizing buildings daily as well as having temperature checks and a host of other safety procedures.
  • DPSCD knows parents are eager to see students return to classrooms. While putting students first, the District is also providing teachers options and supports. All teachers have access to vaccinations, free rapid COVID-19 testing and PPE, and will receive hazard pay to return.
  • The District is committed to meeting your child’s needs. DPSCD offers online learning, learning centers for any family needing in-person support, and face-to-face classrooms where teachers have elected to return.


When everyone does their part, students thrive. Even students have a part to play by being in school, on time every day. Each day DPSCD teachers are prepared to teach your children — whether in person or online. DPSCD is cheering on its students through small victories that have a huge impact, like showing up every day and engaging in each class. DPSCD is building a stronger Detroit — and recognizes that when students rise, we all rise.



DPSCD is safely reopening schools and supporting the whole child and families. The District offers homework and mental health hotlines, daily meals at each of its schools, and, at the District’s Technology and Family Resource Hubs, access to technology support and wraparound services. More than 18,000 families have been served since December 1, 2020. Please visit for a full list of support services for both teachers and students.



DPSCD is committed to providing the safest and best traditional public school opportunity for families and students.

  • To help you and your student rise through the challenge, DPSCD is offering families support in navigating options for the 2021-22 school year. Whether you want to enroll in one of the District’s outstanding neighborhood schools or apply to a specialty examination or application school, the District has options for you. Please visit for upcoming online open houses and webinars this spring and find your “right fit” school.
  • Speaking of specialty examination and application schools, please save the date of April 5, 2021. That’s when round two admissions for DPSCD Examination High Schools opens, and round one of admissions for application schools also opens. Please visit for more information.
  • The District is especially excited to welcome the kindergarten class of 2034 in the fall. DPSCD has supports and information to help families with this significant transition for your child. Also, check out for information on the District’s Detroit Public Montessori program.


If you need help to evaluate your wide-ranging options for a quality public school education for your child, DPSCD is here for you. Email the enrollment team at [email protected] or call 313.873.6345. 


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