Every weekday at 2:30pm, join the Michigan Science Center for a LIVE virtual Science experiment. Visit the museum’s Facebook page or YouTube channel to check out ECHO Live! and see large-scale science demonstrations daily from the ECHO Distance Learning Studio. Afterwards you can do your own science experiments at home.


Here are 16 MiSci-approved experiments you can do at home!


  • Popscicle Stick Catapult: Simple machines can be fun! Construct a lever to launch mini marshmallows.
  • Popsicle Stick Harmonica: Sound is vibration! Create a musical instrument that can produce a variety of notes.
  • Feel the Sound: Sound travels in compression waves. Get a feel for this concept in this simple experiment.
  • Edible Crystals: Grow your own delicious, sugar crystals using only two common ingredients!
  • Candy Chemistry: Create colorful, candy chemistry using the principle of density in a solution.
  • Egg In A Bottle: Can a whole egg fit into a milk bottle without breaking? Grab an adult assistant and find out!
  • Lava Lamps: Learn about hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances while you build your own lava lamp.
  • Soda Geysers: Explore nucelation and physical reactions with a classic candy and soda experiment. This activity is best done outside for extra fun and easy clean up!
  • Vacuum Pack A Kid: Experience the power of air pressure all around us with the help of your vacuum cleaner and an adult assistant.
  • Invent at Home: Water Transport: Anyone can be inventive! In this Spark!Lab challenge, you’ll need to engineer a solution for transporting water to and from cities.
  • Alka Seltzer Rockets: Build and launch a film canister rocket by creating a simple acid-base reaction inside a closed container. This experiment is best done outdoors!
  • Elephant Toothpaste: In this at-home version of one our favorite science demonstrations, you’ll create a huge pile of soap bubbles using a chemical reaction powered by yeast.
  • pH Testing: Did you know red cabbage is a natural pH indicator? Test the pH of household substances using this unique produce item.
  • Endo-Exo: Some chemical reactions absorb heat while others release it! Experiment with thermodynamics using baking soda, vinegar, and ice melt.
  • Fruit DNA Extraction: Extract, isolate, and observe genetic material from a variety of household produce. Learn how DNA is stored inside cells in this simple experiment.
  • Scattered Pepper: Just why is soap so important in washing your dishes and hands? Explore surface tension in this exciting experiment.